Is there anybody? Anybody! I need to be rescued! I´m a kidnapped man trapped in a f*cking hole!!! S.O.S!! This is not a tale, is the f*cking true life!! Please! Follow the f*cking signal of this message!! Oh …Sh*t! They´re comin´… They know I´m trying to comunicate with someone…  I gotta go. Please! find me!!! Asap!!!

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  1. por danixu publicado el 24/10/2008  00:33 Responder

    vaaale lo reconozco... me aburro demasiado jaja

  2. por Ana publicado el 24/10/2008  05:07 Responder

    en ingles..

  3. por Lascivo publicado el 24/10/2008  07:27 Responder

    what the fuck!?
    ponle géneroooo!

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